Supermom to Powerhouse Wonder Woman

How to Thrive From supermom to powerhouse Wonder Woman

A How To Course for Supermoms to Think Bigger, Activate Their Passions and Execute Their Goals | taught by Kelly JOY Rust
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Kelly JOY Rust
Kelly JOY Rust
Powerhouse Wonder Woman

About the instructor

I am Kelly JOY Rust. Proudly Canadian, born and raised. I started my first business at 20 and continue to be a professional (yet sometimes inappropriate) business woman. I am a certified life coach and certified personal trainer. I am a video and online course creator. I am a YouTuber. I am a photographer. I am an event planner. I invest in real estate and stocks. I am a life long learner. I am a Now What? expert, risk taker and fun maker. I am a corporate employee. I am a proud wife to Ryan and a thriving wannabe Supermom to Colten (3) and Jaeger (1). I destroy wine by the bottle and I often get called in to be a living room hockey ref.

Now...having listed all my accomplishments and positions...I should say that I do not like to brag about them but I very proud. I am a confident woman. A proud, confident woman.

I am definitely not perfect and I am definitely not better than you. I have made lots of mistakes and lots of failures and I suck at lots of things. My mistakes are mistakes as we are human and shit happens. My failures provided lessons to be better. And the things I suck at, make me unique and make me who I am.

(I suck at driving, I suck at gardening, I suck at running, I suck at anything to do with heights, I suck at rides at theme parks and I suck at any type of winter activity or sport...just to name a few)

I struggle day to day with trying to separate the professional business woman (the entrepreneur, the investor, the creator) and the inappropriate, silly Supermom (the girl who throws a Slutty Grandma party and posts a video about it on YouTube). At the end of the day, I have concluded that there is no separating the two. It is who I am and I love every bit of me!

I know that with my failures that I have learned from, my life experiences and the knowledge that I have gained along the way, make me the perfect instructor for this course and I couldn't be more excited about it!

I not only thrive to teach you and motivate you to follow your passions and bring more into your life but I will also entertain you in this course. I can't do anything without having fun!

Please join me in becoming a Powerhouse Wonder Woman!

Before you enroll and have any questions what so ever, please contact me at my personal email below and I personally will respond. And after you take this amazing course, I would LOVE to hear your feedback, both good and bad.

This is the Amazing Description of this Powerhouse Course

My very first day back to work from maternity leave, I found myself sitting at my desk, strumming my fingers and asking myself...Now what?

The past five years from this day had been dedicated to building our little family. Ryan and I got together in 2011. Colten was born in 2013, Jaeger was born in 2015 and Ryan and I married in 2016.

In my spare time, I had been practicing video creation, stock investing, real estate investing, writing blogs, personal training, taking risks and having fun. I was very active in consistently learning new skills, but again, at that moment, I was still asking myself Now what?

The thought of only working this 9-5 job at the same desk, in the same office for the next possible 30 years until I retire, made me literally want to upchuck my morning bagel.

I knew it was time to get unsettled and ignite that savvy business woman that began her first business at 20 and who I had put on a shelf for years.

It was time to apply this desire in wanting more, being more and doing more. It was time to apply my desire to help women. Women just like me. I knew my experiences and knowledge would help others as I was already actively doing this with the women around me.

"Kelly, you helped me. Thank you."

This one sentence from fellow Supermoms, guided me to creating this course.

How to Thrive from Supermom to Powerhouse Wonder Woman.

We are all Supermoms. Why? Because we get up everyday and do everything possible for our kids happiness. Period.

Finally, it is time to listen to that little voice in your head. Now it is time to face the fear, follow your passion and promote yourself to a Powerhouse Wonder Woman. Do more, be more and bring you to your full potential and do what makes YOU fully happy.

Because if we are doing what we are most happy about then guess what? The rest is gravy.

If you are happy and living life to the fullest, then your family will automatically be.

I had three things in mind when developing this course: Value, quality and affordability. I made sure this course was affordable for all moms as my goal was solely to help women. Education does not need to be expensive and I show you in the course how to achieve multiple ways in receiving FREE education to help you get exactly what you want.

You don't have to want a business.

You don't have to want to invest.

You don't have to be a supermom.

You can just be the world's okayest mom.

It does not matter if you are pregnant with your first child, have a couple of toddlers like me, have a house full of teenagers or your kids are grown and out of the house. This course is for you.

It does not matter if you have a million bucks in the bank or you are living pay check to pay check and are up to your eyeballs in debt. This course is for you.

This course is designed to make you think differently and to make you think bigger no matter what your situation.

This course is designed to activate what you really want and execute your goals.

This course is designed to motivate you, fight the fear and forget about what others think about you.

This course is designed to focus on one person. That one person is You.

This course is designed to make you a Powerhouse Wonder Woman.

Course Contents

41 Videos
5 Quizzes
1 Survey
3.0 hrs

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